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KADE presents a fundamentally novel concept by bridging hair and skin care into a single cohesive entity. At KADE, we slow and reverse aging from the follicle to the end of the strand by treating the skin underneath it, where it all begins. The result is youthful hair with a healthy foundation at the skin level.
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Backed by scientific research, patented technology and industry expertise, KADE is committed to developing the most advanced anti-aging, youth promoting formulation using botanical ingredients sourced from all over the world.

KADE’s team puts forth a continuous effort to develop, source and integrate the world’s most beneficial actives to stop skin and hair from aging while vastly improving its existing appearance. Our dermatologist and formulators combine individual areas of expertise – botany, biology and anatomy, to name a few – bringing together a vast knowledge base to KADE’s product development. We are proud to have a diverse group of medical experts as part of our consulting team consisting of renowned dermatologists, plastic surgeons and MDs, who are focused on integrating the latest ingredient science research into every KADE product.




Grow. Nourish. Protect.


KADE gives you the best hair your skin can grow.

Beautiful hair is a result of a healthy, youthful foundation – we address hair one follicle at a time. We understand hair from its root, developing formulations that address hair aesthetics while slowing signs of aging by treating the skin underneath it, where it all begins. KADE ARC™ is our revolutionary compound triad comprised of award-winning, patented active ingredients that serve as an anti-aging foundation for all KADE PRO hair products.


Patented Delivery System

KADE ARC™ is able to accurately target the desired skin depth and deliver the actives in the most effective manner, using a patented delivery system that releases an encapsulated compound upon mechanical pressure. This unique system provides stability, efficiency and a controlled delivery that maintains highest integrity of all actives. The shell enables optimal isolation and is impermeable so that the encapsulant is protected from all environmental risk factors such as light, temperature, pH, oxidation and interaction with other ingredients. This technology enables a far more effective absorption than typical liposomes found in other products. KADE ARC™ technology translates to incredible results — awakening each cuticle and developing exceptional hair from the inside-out.

Peptides found in KADE formulas limit the occurrence and transformation of 5a-reductase II enzymes to DHT hormone found in hair follicles that is a factor in hair thinning and loss. These super peptides increase the vascular density around hair follicles and absorb more oxygen and nutrients that are essential to hair growth. DHT-reducing peptides also boost the differentiation capacity of cells and promote keratinization — strengthening hair follicles so that each strand grows to its full potential with added thickening and less breakage.

Plant stem cells are exceptional naturally derived actives that protect human skin stem cells while simultaneously preventing the aging of hair follicles. Actives found in KADE products have enormous capabilities from improving skin stem cell regeneration and durability to increasing the lifespan of hair follicles to proactively infusing youthful traits into the epidermis.

In 2009, the Nobel Prize for Medicine recognized that telomeres, the protective cap on chromosomes, played a major role in the aging process. When the integrity of the DNA inside the chromosomes is preserved, signs of aging can be significantly limited. KADE active limits the deterioration of telosomes, which serve as a genuine protective cap for telomeres by as much as 60%.



KADE ARC active ingredients produced the below results in studies after 90 days of use.

Beautiful hair is the result of a healthy, youthful foundation that we address one follicle at a time. We understand hair from its root to the end of the strand, developing formulations that focus on hair aesthetics while slowing signs of aging by treating the skin underneath the hair, where it all begins. The result is hair that is nourished, strong and weightlessly voluminous.

Increased hair density0%
Increased lifespan of hair follicles0%
Reduces stress-induced telomeres shortening0%
Decreased falling hair0%