KADE® Luxury Salon Hair & Skincare | Salon
KADE presents a fundamentally novel concept by bridging hair and skin care into a single cohesive entity. At KADE, we slow and reverse aging from the follicle to the end of the strand by treating the skin underneath it, where it all begins. The result is youthful hair with a healthy foundation at the skin level.
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KADE’s debut collection was developed specifically for unmatched styling performance. Our line of transformational salon skin care immediately delivers aesthetic improvements and ongoing anti-aging wellness. Our stylists work hand-in-hand with dermatologists to ensure nothing is compromised or overlooked in the research and development process.


Fashion Heritage

KADE was developed by some of the best minds in the styling industry. From runways to editorial photoshoots, our team understands exactly what perfection should look and feel like. These are the experts that we want to help our customers achieve hair that defies age, feels weightless and shines with rich color.