KADE® Luxury Salon Hair & Skincare | Kade Anti-Aging Hair & Skin Care
Kade ambitiously set out to create hair care line with incredible styling, groundbreaking dermatology, for products that are a sheer pleasure to use. KADE is focused on providing tangible efficacy and beautiful results while respecting the human body and never using harsh, synthetic ingredients.
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Our Vision

KADE began as a joint project between, a 20 year veteran of product development in the health and beauty industry and a top NYC dermatologist when we noticed a lack of a comprehensive approach to the way daily beauty products were working. After many discussions with clients we discovered that while there are many products that strive to improve the quality of your hair, and many products that are specifically designed with anti-aging and dermatological benefit for the skin — there were absolutely none that treated at the skin and hair holistically as a single entity.


We wanted to try something quite different. Our approach would focus on addressing not only the aesthetic beauty of the hair, but also the skin that it grew from by providing your skin with nutrition and dermatological tools to produce better, younger, and healthier hair. To be able over time to slow and reverse the signs of the aging process on your scalp and hair. KADE formulations achieve just that and are developed by our star dermatologist working hand-in-hand with award winning stylists to create products without compromise. Every KADE product comes with the prerequisite heritage from both practices: groundbreaking dermatology, incredible styling, and a sheer pleasure to experience.


We welcome you to explore and learn why we see KADE as a revolutionary step in anti-aging skin and hair care.


Customer First, Product First

KADE’s business model is straightforward: Offer the best possible products to our clients that do not compromise on ingredient quality or efficacy. We use highly exotic botanicals and nutrient rich extracts, in addition to incorporating substantial research and innovation with our patented anti-aging KADE ARC™ technology. 


Social Impact

KADE wants to leave a positive footprint on the world from individual clients to a global spectrum. This means caring about each step in the research and development process, as well as how we invest in customer care and the community. We believe that there are greater responsibilities in the world we share than profit — this mission is backed with full commitment from our shareholders who believe in the same vision.

Many in our company have experienced close brushes with cancer, seeing close family and friends impacted by the disease. From partnering with Cancer Research Institute and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to working with individual cancer charities and hospitals, we have committed a large portion of our revenue to advance the research for the cure, as well as improve the life and comfort of existing patients. Great things can be accomplished when people work together for a greater cause.


Crafted in Small Batches

Like a fine wine or a bespoke suit, KADE is not manufactured but crafted under the strictest standards in small batches. At KADE we create our formulations in small tanks that are 10 times smaller compared to the industry standard – yielding only 1,500 bottles at a time. While this is a far more expensive to do because it limits how much is created per batch, we believe it is worth the extra cost and effort. Smaller tanks allow for higher control of variables that impact the quality of the final formulation. Ingredients are kept intact because temperature, pH and pressure are maintained evenly and result in a more consistent and effective product.


Natural Approach

KADE is focused on providing tangible efficacy and beautiful results while respecting the human body and never using harsh, synthetic ingredients. At KADE we believe in creating products that are focused on innovation with naturally derived ingredients.

Only in the KADE collection will you find an age-defying combination of nature’s best champions, such as organic pea sprout, keratin, caffeine, camellia sinensis leaf extract and other powerful antioxidant complexes. We leave out all ingredients and chemicals that would strip, dry-out or damage skin and hair. The result is salon skin care that focuses on beautiful, lasting results. We take the same care with manufacturing, packaging and distribution — incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly materials and processes that reduces our carbon footprint.